Kinesio® Tex Gold FP™ Tape

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Kinesio® Tex Gold FPTM is the “ReEvolution” of Kinesio tape, offering all the properties of the original Kinesio Tex Classic with major enhancements in grip, comfort, stimulation, quality and adhesive strength.

Advancements in technology have finally caught up to Dr. Kenzo Kase’s original vision for Kinesio tape, allowing Kinesio® Tex Gold FPTM to feature the patented FingerPrint technology that mimics human touch, stimulates the tissue and delivers tremendous hold.
Used with proper Kinesio Taping® techniques, Kinesio Tex Gold FP can improve muscle function, reeducate the neuromuscular system, reduce muscle fatigue, lessen delayed-onset muscle soreness and relieve pain. It improves blood flow and lymphatic drainage for better healing by gently lifting the skin. This increase to interstitial space and lymphatic drainage also reduces the pressure on the body’s nociceptors, or sensory receptors, alleviating pain.
Improved features of Kinesio Tex Gold FP:

  • Nano-touch micro-stimulation to epidermis and layers beneath
  • Mimics gentle human touch yet provides a more effective hold
  • Higher-grade cotton with an innovative weave process for comfort and breathability
  • Micro-grip, deep-set adhesive for a better hold with less adhesive surface area, increasing breathability and wear times
Kinesio Tex Gold FP is lighter and more comfortable with increased breathability due to higher-grade cotton and an innovative weave process. Medical-grade adhesive is set into the fabric, instead of on the surface, in the unique FingerPrint wave design for incredible hold using less adhesive surface area, further increasing breathability, comfort and wear times. Kinesio Tex Gold FP is hypoallergenic, water-resistant and latex-free for use with any population.
Product Specifications:
Width:  2 inches (5.1cm)
Length  16.4 feet (5m)
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