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Franklin Mini Roll

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The 'crystal blue' Franklin Mini RollTM is designed to comfortably support the spine, legs and shoulders while performing the Franklin Method exercises.

The compact size and peanut shape massage your back and rolls away tension from your legs and shoulders. Perfect as well for increasing the strength of the pelvic floor.

Approximately 10cm in diameter and 16 cm in length.

Franklin Balls come partially inflated but needle inflating pump is required to adjust firmness (sold separately).


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1 Review

Trish 26th Oct 2013

A great product

I bought a mini roll to exercise my hand which had temporary nerve damage causing an inability to open my hand. The mini roll was not only a good exercise tool but also made my hand so much more comfortable at nights when I could wrap my fingers around it and sleep without the feeling of my hand being totally clawed up.

I now use the mini roll when I travel as a sort of mini back support, now and then a neck support and also as a foot exercise tool. It is small enough to fit into my hand luggage. It is a great product.

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